Hello Blogosphere

June 23, 2008

Hey all you sustanible biotechers,

Because we all share the urge to make this world a cleaner, more energy-efficent place for our future generations to enjoy,  voice your ideas and challenge the thoughts of others regarding how to gain ground against (hopefully reversible) impending global sickness.

I believe that sustainability issues are not addressed at KGI as they should, and this forum will gather the ideas of all interested parties so we can express this issue for all to see.  Having a class in this issue would bring new business practices to light, and teach future leaders of biotech how to manage in a sustainable manner.  

News Source:


I will function to consolidate news I feel is interesting to the group and would like others’ input.  This is kind of like a think-tank idea. 

Thanks to Cyrus for setting all of this up!





One Response to “Hello Blogosphere”

  1. rankrank3000 Says:

    I like the blog. I’d like to be involved. Hook me up with access and I’ll post some shit. Also, are you guys trying to get some traffic here through wordpress or just directly from the KGI? If so, tag the blog under key words like sustainable and biotech. I had a pretty hard time finding the sight from the wordpress start page. I ended up having to google sustainable, biotech, & Cyrus to find it. I found that funny.

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